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Is Xylitol Good For Kids’ Teeth? 
added on: October 31, 2022

Sugary sweets can mean bad news for your kid’s teeth. But your children’s dentist in Smyrna wants all of our patients and parents of patients to know that there is a way for your little one to enjoy those sweet cravings without all of the damage of sugar.  We’re talking about… Read More…

Which Candy Causes The Most Cavities?
added on: October 24, 2022

As we enter into another holiday season that usually means a boatload of candy for kids as they trick-or-treat from door to door, it’s important to recognize just which candy causes the most cavities. While your kid’s dentist in Smyrna totally recognizes how fun and important it is to bring home… Read More…

Posted In: Hygiene, Oral Health

The Best & Worst Drinks for Teeth
added on: September 15, 2022

We all do our best to limit how many sugary snacks our kids eat in order to reduce their risk of developing cavities. However, it’s essential to keep an eye on what your kids drink, too. Certain beverages can be great for oral health, and others can lead to dental… Read More…

The #1 Surprising Reason Why Kids Miss School
added on: September 9, 2022

It’s back-to-school time, which means shopping for school supplies, updating outgrown wardrobes, and getting back into the swing of after-school activities. But it’s also a great time for your kids to see a dentist in Smyrna for a checkup. In fact, it’s one of the most important things you can… Read More…

What Questions Should You Ask a Kid’s Dentist? 
added on: August 24, 2022

Caring for your little one takes a lot of learning, especially for first-time parents. It’s important to remember that this is incredibly common, and it’s completely normal to have questions about their overall and oral health. Luckily, your kid’s dentist in Smyrna is here to help answer any questions you may… Read More…

How Do I Know if My Child Has Sleep Apnea? 
added on: August 15, 2022

Sleep apnea is an ailment that has typically been associated with adults. But it’s absolutely possible for this serious condition to occur in kids, too. There are some key signs to look out for when it comes to identifying sleep apnea in kids, and your child’s dentist in Smyrna is here… Read More…

What’s An Impacted Tooth? 
added on: July 22, 2022

If your kid’s dentist in Smyrna explains that your child has an impacted tooth, you may initially be a bit worried. But don’t fret. Impacted teeth are incredibly common in kids and teens. Even though impacted teeth are most often associated with wisdom teeth, the truth is any tooth can be… Read More…

What Happens When a Permanent Tooth Comes in Behind a Baby Tooth?
added on: July 15, 2022

There’s nothing quite as special as when your child loses her first tooth. Typically, you can expect baby teeth to start falling out around age six and permanent adult teeth to take their place. But occasionally, permanent teeth will start to erupt behind a baby tooth that has not yet… Read More…

Are Dental X-Rays Safe For Kids? 
added on: July 7, 2022

Your dentist in Smyrna uses dental x-rays to help see things going on inside the mouth that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Dental x-rays can allow your kid’s dentist to catch cavities early when they’re still really easy to treat. Additionally, the images from x-rays will show your… Read More…

What Are the Worst Drinks for Kids’ Teeth? 
added on: June 10, 2022

It’s a well-known fact that your children’s dentist in Smyrna encourages kids to enjoy sweet treats and sugary snacks in moderation to help reduce the risk of cavities. However, there are also some drinks that should be avoided or limited. In fact, what kids drink plays a big role in… Read More…

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