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Smyrna Dental HYGIENE

Dental Hygiene for Delaware Smiles

Bright Clean Teeth = Healthy Teeth

We have said it before, but we think it is worth repeating: Your child’s mouth is connected to the rest of her body. That means that when something goes wrong in her mouth, she all of her could feel sick and you may not know why! That’s one of the reasons it is so important to establish healthy oral hygiene habits with your children the moment their first tooth erupts.

One of those habits – and one of the most important ones – is making sure you keep up with regular dental hygiene visits.

Our dental hygiene visits are never scary or intimidating, in part, because we welcome parents to stay with their kids for routine visits. We take plenty of time to educate both children and their parents. We help teach you how to comfortably and easily brush your little one’s teeth with special tips and tricks to make brushing and flossing fun. We help you know what foods are good for teeth and which to avoid.

We even teach you how to look for some of the most common issues that cause pediatric dental health issues like grinding and clenching, thumbsucking, and baby-bottle tooth decay.

Our “tooth counting” exams are fun and friendly and carried out by one of our lovely tooth fairies wearing a crown or a tutu. We take only digital x-rays for improved comfort. And our routine cleanings are done quickly and gently. Your child will love the fresh, clean feeling of newly polished teeth. It all adds up to a dental hygiene visit the whole family will enjoy. Why do we take such care with our patients? We think every child in Southern Delaware deserves a smile that will last a lifetime!

Check out our preventive services below. If you like what you see, give us a call. Your little ones’ smiles are worth protecting!

Clean, sparkling teeth are healthy teeth and keeping teeth clean is very important – even for the tiniest members of your family. And while keeping up with proper brushing and flossing is crucial at home, professional cleanings are just as necessary. These cleaning visits – sometimes referred to as hygiene appointments – keep the cavities away by removing all the built-up plaque and tartar below the gumline and between the teeth where home cleaning can’t reach. And while adults and children alike need professional hygiene visits on a regular basis, children’s hygiene visits are especially important for education, maintenance, and a lifetime of health.

Our dental exams are another necessary part of keeping your children’s teeth in tip-top shape. Comprehensive exams allow us to see even the smallest changes such as the beginnings of cavities or gum disease and slight changes in oral tissue to treat these problems as early as possible. They also allow us to take a look at all areas of your child’s smile and measure changes against his or her last visit’s discoveries. We take care to explain every step, so the exam is never scary or uncomfortable. In fact, lots of kids look forward to their exams and a visit with their gentle dentist!

X-rays are a great way for us to detect even the tiniest cavities and other problems hidden under your child’s tooth enamel. We take only digital x-rays to limit your little one’s exposure to radiation and to give us images that are instantly available for review, are sharper and clearer than traditional x-rays, and easily stored in your digital files.

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