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Smyrna Preventive Dental Treatments

Preventive Dental Treatments

Stop Tooth Problems Before They Start

Those giggles… those little grins… those magical smiles… Don’t you wish they could stay that way forever? While smiles grow and change, one thing that can last is the health of the teeth that fill every laugh with sparkle. We take that very seriously, and we know you do too.

Regular visits for cleanings and exams are a big part of your child’s preventive dentistry routine, but some teeth need a little extra help to stay cavity- and damage-free. Kids who are active in sports or who tend to clench their teeth need guards to protect their teeth and almost every child – even teenagers – can benefit from protective dental sealants. Treating children from their very first tooth all the way to age 20 allows us to check and maintain their teeth throughout those vital stages of development.

And of course, home care is important too. Don’t forget to prevent problems by avoiding damaging sugary or acidic drinks and especially never offering them in a bottle or sippy cup. Allowing your baby or toddler to carry around or fall asleep with a bottle containing anything other than water, allows sugars and acids to pool up around those little teeth exposing them to constant attack. And while citrus fruits are good for little bodies, they can be hard on teeth so limit these to short snack times and make sure your kids rinse with water afterward. All sour candy and taffy are big no-nos, except, maybe, on special occasions.

But you don’t have to only practice avoidance to protect those precious smiles: There are lots of foods that actually help protect and clean teeth like fresh and crunchy fruits and vegetables. Yogurt and cheese offer lots of tooth-strengthening calcium, phosphates, and vitamin D. Certain seeds and nuts can replenish enamel protecting minerals.

For more information on what we can do together to keep your children’s teeth strong, beautiful, and lighting up your life, talk to us at your next visit. We are always here to help!

Sealants do just what their name suggests – they seal teeth against damage from acid and sugar attacks that happen when food particles lodge in the cracks, ridges, and grooves of kids’ teeth. These pediatric sealants are applied quickly and easily – we just brush them on the chewing surfaces of the teeth – and they fill and seal teeth to protect against decay. What could be easier?

Have you ever heard your child grinding his teeth at night? Don’t ignore it! Nighttime grinding and clenching can cause major damage to teeth leading to everything from small cracks and chips to entire teeth breaking off, as well as headaches and even pediatric migraines! Clenching also affects the gums and can make kids more prone to periodontal disease. Our dental night guards are custom made to comfortably fit your child’s mouth, so he doesn’t just have protected teeth, he can get a good night’s sleep as well.

Does your child participate in a sport? Ride a bike? Skateboard or longboard? Consider what would happen if they fell or were hit in the face! Every year, over 3.5 million children are injured while playing sports. That’s why we join the American Dental Association in recommending that all active kids wear a protective mouth guard. Our comfortable and easy to wear mouth guards help cushion blows that might otherwise cause damage to soft tissues like lips and tongue, broken teeth, and injuries to the face or jaw. Plus, they have been shown to reduce and limit the severity and incidence of concussions. Isn’t your child worth it?

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