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Smyrna Restorative Dentistry Treatments

Smyrna Restorative Treatments

Bringing Young Smiles Back to Life

No one likes to get cavity fillings, but, sometimes, we forget what to do to prevent them.

Do your kids floss and brush after meals? They should! All kinds of ewey, gooey stuff gets stuck on, in, and between teeth and needs to get cleaned out. If it doesn’t, teeth can develop cavities and gums can get infected.

But less-than-consistent home hygiene isn’t the only thing that can lead to tooth decay, lots of things can, including:

  • Drinking mostly sugary or acidic drinks, including juices and sports drinks
  • Carrying a bottle or sippy cup with milk or juice all day or sleeping with one
  • Sucking and chewing on teething biscuits
  • All day snacking or grazing, especially on sticky foods like raisins
  • Sharing toothbrushes with someone who has a current oral infection
  • Medications such as asthma inhalers (These necessary treatments contain acids that can damage teeth. Rinse with water after each use.)
  • Vomiting
  • Clenching and grinding
  • Not keeping up with professional cleanings
  • Allowing very young children to brush their own teeth

The list could go on and on, but you get the idea. If you aren’t a superhero, your child might just develop a cavity or other oral health problem or infection.

This is all pretty serious stuff when you consider how much oral health issues affect overall health, even affecting their growth. In addition, toothaches and other oral health issues can affect your child’s performance in school and be a major factor in missed school days – and missed work days for parents!

Good thing The Smile Place can fix those smiles with tooth-colored, restorative materials that are safe for your little one’s body!

Cavities! No one likes them – not parents and certainly not kids. We do our best to prevent them with regular dental check-ups, cleanings, tooth sealants, and advice about how to care for teeth at home and eat right for oral health. But sometimes kids get cavities – don’t beat yourself up. Just be sure you get those tooth cavities repaired in a way that is safe for growing bodies. Here at The Smile Place, we use only white resin or composite fillings to repair cavities. Silver metal fillings contain mercury, and we do not consider that a safe material to put in young teeth, or any teeth for that matter! Plus, since our cavity fillings are tooth colored, no one can see them in your child’s smile, saving them embarrassment and letting them smile with complete freedom.

Once in awhile, we discover a tooth that has such extensive decay or has been so badly damaged that we can’t save it. This often involves a toothache and can be quite dangerous to ignore – infection in a tooth can spread! In the case of severe infection, decay, or damage we will most likely recommend that the tooth be removed. We are always careful, gentle, and kind with our little patients and takes plenty of time to explain, to both the parents and the child, what will be happening. Once the tooth is extracted, we can discuss replacement or space maintenance options.

Too much soda, poor diet habits, clenching and grinding, or simply skimping on proper, at-home hygiene can wreak havoc in a teenager’s mouth. This not only causes embarrassing discoloration and dingy teeth, it can also leave smiles completely destroyed and decayed. We don’t like to see the negative impact this can have on a young person’s confidence and future. That is why we offer full-mouth restorations to teenagers who have all of their adult teeth. Full-mouth restorations are a combination of treatments, designed just for your child, to clear away all infection in the teeth and gums and bring back the strength and beauty nature intended.

Accidents happen. So do cavities and infections. If a tooth is lost or pulled too early we may suggest the use of a space maintainer to keep the remaining teeth from shifting and allowing the new tooth to grow in properly. The space maintainer stays in your child’s mouth at all times. Make sure you do not allow your child to chew gum or eat any super-sticky foods, and we’ll check the spacer at each hygiene visit. When the new tooth starts sprouting, we will remove the space maintainer. Every tooth deserves room to grow!

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