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Why Do Children Need Dental X-Rays?

added on: May 20, 2019
child getting dental x-ray

Sometimes when a parent hears the word “x-ray,” they immediately panic and assume the worst, like a broken bone or fracture. But at our Smyrna children’s dental office, we love dental x-rays, and our patients’ parents really do too. Let’s take a quick look at how we use x-rays to keep our littlest smiles in A+ shape.

What is A Dental X-Ray Anyway?

Dental x-rays are often called radiographs. Dentists love to use them to help gain a deeper understanding of what’s going on inside your child’s mouth and how it could affect the development of their smile over time.

X-rays are relied on heavily for preventive pediatric dentistry and to help fix issues such as cavities, decay, and breakage. Generally, dentists rely on 2D or 3D imaging to gain a better understanding of what’s going on inside of a child’s mouth, highlighting jaw bone health, and the tooth structure that lies beneath our gums and enamel. It gives us the added ability to see issues, not 100 percent visible to the naked eye. This means better protection and care for your kiddo and you!

Common Reasons Kids Need Dental X-Rays

Like we said before, if your children’s dentist in Smyrna happens to tell you that your child needs x-rays, please don’t worry. You and your child might even be wondering why x-rays are necessary for baby or milk teeth that are going to fall out when their permanent teeth come in. But kids’ teeth have different needs compared to grown up so an x-ray might be necessary to:

  1. Find out if there are any missing or extra teeth below the gumline
  2. Look for any possible signs of infection
  3. Determine if your child is a good candidate for orthodontic treatment
  4. Get an idea of how the permanent teeth are shaped, how they look, and how they’ll erupt

Are Dental X-Rays Safe For Kids?

Like any good parent, you might be hesitant to agree to x-rays for your child because you’re worried about exposing them to harmful radiation. The good news is that most of the x-rays used in dental offices across the country today give off a minimal amount of radiation. Dental x-rays are certainly safer than ever thanks to advancements in dentistry over the years.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry also wants to remind parents that there’s a relatively small amount of radiation associated with today’s advanced x-ray technologies. Body aprons made from lead also provide added protection and safety during their x-ray procedure.

If you’ve got questions about your child’s smile or if they’re due for a new set of x-rays, please give our children’s dental office in Smyrna a call. We’re happy to hear from new patients too! If you’re looking for a team of caring, gentle pediatric dental professionals, we’re the ones you can turn to.

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